Board Of Directors



Mr. Bhupendra Acharya is the Chairman of Taj Eduglobe Ltd. His mission towards making education a smooth journey for children drove him to set the foundation of Taj Eduglobe Ltd. The idea of running a business had always excited Mr. Acharya from a very young age. Starting a business from the ground can be stressful and all-consuming. After trying businesses ranging from bike shiners to Antivirus Cop, Mr. Bhupendra Acharya joined hands with Ms. Bhawana Sharma to launch Taj Eduglobe Ltd.

As the Chairman of the company, Mr. Bhupendra Acharya believes in being in control of his own destiny. The journey so far has been dauntless despite various challenges. To cover a layered segment it was imperative to join hands with partners and this optimism and ambition built a empire of franchise partners.


Mr. Bhupendra Acharya comes across as an energetic, charismatic a popular leader. He is an impressive entrepreneur because of his boundless idea and passion to take people along to impact enormous results.



Ms. Bhawana Sharma, born in Darjeeling and passed out from Loreto Convent, is the Managing Director of Taj Eduglobe Limited. Ms. Bhawana Sharma is a vibrant person in the field of Education. Her innovative leadership philosophy has been at the heart of her power and influence, and has driven growth at Taj Eduglobe Ltd. despite various challenges.

The aim of the young, vivacious and spirited Managing Director is to deliver sustainable growth by investing in children and humanity vide the Discover Brain Psychometric Test, DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligences Tests, based on finger prints) and Discover Brain Mark Enhancement Techniques and subsequently in a healthier future for all.

Ms. Bhawana Sharma has trained the most competent counsellors and shares her leadership lessons as to why personalizing business is critical for success in today’s dynamic environment. She states that leaders with different mind-sets are needed, who can impact the success of today’s child and tomorrow’s youth and subsequently the society. Ms. Bhawana Sharma strongly feels that success is fuelled by diverse talent and employees must be able to immerse their whole selves in a work environment in which they can develop their careers, families and philanthropy, and truly believe they are cared for.



Mr. Mahesh Acharya, the Director of Taj Eduglobe Ltd. heads the Delhi region. He has strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and persuading, convening, facilitating and building consensus among diverse individuals.

As a Director of Taj Eduglobe Ltd, Mr. Mahesh Acharya has taken the onus of kick-starting the business in 12 potential States of India and set up the entire network to further empower the Company towards sustainable growth along with the Chairman-Mr. Bhupendra Acharya and the Managing Director- Ms. Bhawana Sharma.