Discover Brain MET

Discover Brain MET The word mnemonics is derived from an ancient Greek word “mnemonikos” meaning “of memory” or “relating to memory” and is related Mnemosyne, the name of the Goddess of Memory in Greek mythology. Ancient Greeks and Romans distinguished between two types of memory, natural memory and artificial memory. Natural memory

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Discover Brain DMIT

Discover Brain DMIT What is Discover Brain DMIT? Discover Brain Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) The term Dermatoglyphics is derived from an ancient Greek word. ‘Derma’ means skin and ‘glyphics’ means prints or carvings. Dermatoglyphics is concerned with studying the fingerprints of humans. Discover Brain DMIT combines this data with the theory of

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Discover Brain Psychometric

Discover Brain Psychometric Psychometric refers to the test of measuring an individual’s relevant and present state of strengths and weaknesses as a result of evolution. Every individual is born with 8 Multiple Intelligences which talk about their inborn strengths and weaknesses. Psychometric test, on the other hand, helps individuals discover

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