Privacy Policy of Taj Eduglobe Limited.

We value our customers and clientele privacy is our topmost priority. We believe in Quality Service with equilibrium of law enforcement.

There are continuous alterations and updates in our privacy policy subject to changing governing laws and regulations. Please review our policy periodically for latest changes and alterations.

When you access our website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Private Policy. With the access of our website you expressly give consent to us for utilisation of your personal information and its disclosure of your as regards to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy. This privacy policy is incorporated into & subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions.

1) Data Collection and Storage:

While you browse our website, we collect and store your personal information in our database system. This process ensures delivery of a safe, efficient, smooth and customized and personalised browsing experience. In order to enhance this privileged experience we may track IP address of a user’s computer and save information for satisfactory customer service. This helps us to offer optimum customisation of website services having diverse features and add-ons to our clientele making every transaction experience safer and easier.

We use data collection devices such as “Cookies? (small files placed on your hardware that collect information) on certain webpages to determine webpage flow, measure promotional effectiveness along with reliability and security. It is your sole discretion to accept or decline our cookies by changing your browser settings, but in such a case you will be deprived with some additional features of our website.

2) Information Exchange:

We may exchange your personal profile and information with our franchisees and associates. These franchisees and associates may send promotional material in exchange of information exchange through us unless you explicitly deny their services. We may disclose personal information to third parties to provide you access to our services, to adhere to legal obligations, default in agreement enforcement, dispute resolution and violation of our standard terms and conditions.

3) Third Party Websites:

We are under no obligation and are not responsible when our website links to other third party websites which collect personal data about you.

4) Secured Transactions:

We adhere to stringent security protection in case of loss, misuse and modification of information under our surveillance. We deliver secure server transactions while you access your account on our website. We instil strict cyber laws and regulations against unauthorized access. Our customers have the liberty to provide only mandatory information. It is the sole responsibility of customers to maintain confidentiality about user password and user identification while carrying out any online or off-line credit cards /debit cards transactions and Taj Eduglobe assumes no responsibility/liability or any sort of indemnification for inappropriate use of information or credit card/debit card thefts during online/offline transactions.

5) Customer Discretion:

Our website users get an opportunity to accept or decline non-essential or promotion/marketing communications from us on behalf of our franchisees and associates.

6) Customer Approval:

You give your approval and consent for your information disclosure on the website as regards our privacy policy with its terms and conditions. In case there are subsequent changes in our privacy policy we will post these alterations for your intimation and discretion. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your prior consent and approval. Though we may share information of general nature with our franchisees, associates and familiar parties with your due consideration and approval.

You agree and allow Taj Eduglobe Ltd to use your personal information in order to improve the company’s marketing and promotional activities, analyze website usage, improvise site’s content, product delivery and customised services. Your personal information will also be utilised for customising the website’s content, layout, feel and services. Such information utilization upgrades the website relating to tailor made customer needs and a privileged browsing experience.

You abide with our privacy policy that ensures use of your personal information to contact you and deliver information revolving around your interest in the form of targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, newsletters and such other communications relevant for your browsing activities. By abiding to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you explicitly accept to receive information. In case if you do not wish to receive any such communications you can withdraw yourself by making changes to your specific profile and account.

7) Customer Redressal Service:

As per the guidelines of Information Technology Act 2000 and Allied Rules and Regulations, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer for customer redressal services are mentioned as follows:

Please feel free to contact us at regarding any queries about our business code of conduct, privacy policy and company website practices and business transactions via our website.